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The Go-To Tools for DIY Plumbing

Sometimes you encounter small problems in your home's plumbing system. Not quite small enough to just ignore, but definitely not big enough to call in the local plumber to fix. During times like this, it's important that you are able to fix minor plumbing issues. To fix anything, however, you'll need a set of tools to help you out. Let's go through some of the go-to tools for basic plumbing.


Pliers are an important part of any plumber's toolkit. There are many different pliers, but the ones to have are the Tongue & Groove pliers, Locking pliers, and Needle-nose pliers. These three types of pliers can help dismantle most pipes easily, and can help you get into tight spaces. These make them worthy additions for any toolkit in the home. 


Basin Wrench

The basin wrench is another incredibly important tool for any plumber. Unlike other wrenches, a basin wrench is designed to work for hard-to-reach places, like under a sink. It can loosen or tighten things that you simply would not be able to reach with other tools. Newer types of these basin wrenches can even adjust their angles to maximize utility and adaptability to any situation. 

Plumbing Tape

Also known as thread seal tape, this tape allows you to seal pipe threads and keep water from leaking between pipe links. In addition to this, it helps make screwing pipes together much easier by lubricating the pipe threads. One should always have a roll of plumbing tape if planning to disassemble and reassemble pipe links.


Sealant can come in many forms such as putty or sprays. In any case, you need sealants if you want to fix minor leaks or breaches. Using a good sealant can save you a lot of money if you use it correctly. Sealant can mean the difference between replacing a pipe or extending its life. In addition to pipes, sealants can also fix broken showerheads or sinks with relative ease.


Of course you need a towel! When you're working in tight spaces, you're bound to be sweating a lot. A towel will ensure that your sweat doesn't get in the way of your work! In addition to this, you never know when a burst of water could suddenly erupt and mess up your day. A towel can really keep things from getting too messy.


There you have it, the essentials of any DIY plumbing kit! Of course, while it's good that you are able to fix small problems in your home sewage system, you should never be afraid to call in a professional when things get serious. You can read more on plumbing tools from our sources below:

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