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On Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Bathroom

A simple and less costly means of adding life and character to your bathroom is through the use of tiles. With the different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors available for bathroom tiles, your space is sure to come to life easily. And if you’re redesigning your bathroom on a budget, you’ll be pleased to know that the cost of tiles ranges from both the expensive kind to the budget-friendly as well.

With all that information in mind, all that’s left to do is choose a design for your tiles that best suits you and reflects your personality the most.


Victorian Bathroom Tiles

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If you’re more of an old soul, then Victorian tiles are definitely your perfect fit. These tiles add a sense of grandeur and sophistication to your bathroom that has the capability of completely taking your breath away. Certain patterns for these Victorian tiles can even form mosaics when they are pieced together, with makes for beautiful art.


Pebble Bathroom Tiles

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There’s just something about the beauty of the great outdoors that can leave you in awe. What do you say to bringing all its wonder into the comfort of your home, and into your bathroom no less? I would say it’s a definite yes! The use of pebble tiles actually has this effect for wherever you choose to place them in your home.


Marble Tiles

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Using marble tiles can give your bathroom a timeless look that exudes nothing but pure elegance. The beauty in this material is that it doesn’t try so hard to appear luxurious, it just is. Even without all the fancy fixtures and accessories, the tiles are able to make your bathroom shine with the same grandeur and splendor of a five-star hotel.


Patterned Tiles

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For a more unique look, you can opt to use patterned bathroom tiles. This material can bring a whole new look to your bathroom entirely. You can even opt to have a pattern customized to your liking if you really want something exclusively for you.


Colorful Tiles

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If your personality is more on the playful side, then colorful bathroom tiles are probably more your preference. The good thing is, this kind of design style is not actually hard to achieve. You can even mix and match the colors according to a scheme that is to your liking. It actually livens up your bathroom space more, giving it a brighter and more serene ambiance.


When you really think about it, choosing bathroom tiles actually sounds like an enjoyable experience. You can even consult with a designer for styles and trends that would best fit your home. When it comes to installation however, you may want the assistance of a plumbing specialist to be certain that none of your utilities will be damaged in the process. The last thing you want is to cause more trouble for yourself when all you had intended was to enhance your space.


Source: Ultimate Home Ideas

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