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How to Create the Illusion of a Larger Bathroom Space


For me, the bathroom has always been one of the most frustrating spaces at home. Despite all the activities that we need to accomplish there on a daily basis, it always seems to be given one of the smallest space allotments in the entire plan of a house. But since there is not much you can do in dealing with its actual size, you must make the most of what you already have. This is where re-designing the interior of your bathroom comes in.

It has been said that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So if you’re dealing with a small bathroom area, give it the illusion of being larger than it actually is. It would actually surprise you how tweaking the design and aesthetics of any space can make it appear to be something more than what it is. And on that note, how then do you maximize a small bathroom space through design?

1.)Use small fixtures

Naturally, if you have a small bathroom area it should follow that you should use small fixtures to create more space for you to move around in. Go for an overhead shower instead of a bath tub, and opt for a pedestal sink instead of a vanity that has bulky cabinets below. If you fill the space up with large fixtures, it’s probable that there won’t be much “room” for you to create any illusion at all anymore.


2.)Go for large floor tiles

In contrast with your fixtures, the floor tiles you choose for your bathroom should be relatively large with a simple design or pattern. The less lines there are to break up the floor, the visual chopping there will be for your eyes.


3.)Tend to the ceiling as well

If you’re lucky enough to have a high ceiling in your bathroom, then that’s already an added bonus in making it look larger. However if you’re dealing with the usual low-rise ones, you need to resort to choosing its color well. The advisable pick would be a light color that complements the entire bathroom in order to tie the room together.


4.)Have a monochrome color scheme

The advisable color scheme you should go with for your bathroom can be any color that is dealt with in a monochromatic fashion. If anything, having just a single color for your bathroom is what will make it look larger. However if you feel that being confined to a single color won’t cute it for your design aesthetics, you can also play with the other hues of your chosen color.


5.)Maximize spaces for storage

If you have a small bathroom, I’m guessing that means there’s not really room to have a storage cabinet in it or having one would make it impossible to get around the space already. How then do you store your linens, plumbing materials and other bathroom essentials? Maximize the vertical spaces of your bathroom. You can opt to mount a rack or shelf above your door frame or toilet, and voila, you have more storage space without consuming any of your maneuvering space.


6.)Use bright lights

Do not be confined to providing only the sufficient amount of light to get you through your daily regime in the bathroom. Using brighter lights that will illuminate the whole room will give it more depth and of course the appearance of being a larger space.


7.)Use mirrors

I know you’re thinking that of course it’s a bathroom and there would naturally be a mirror present, but I am not pertaining to the simple vanity mirror located above your sink. The use of wall size mirrors in order to create the illusion of a bigger space is not secret in the design world. Your bathroom is no exception to the rule. In addition, if your bathroom has access to any form of natural light such as a window, it would be smart to place your mirror across from it. It will not only reflect light, but also a possible scenic view.


8.)Go for glass

If you’re contemplating what design to get for your curtain, don’t. In order to make your bathroom look more spacious, opt to go for a glass enclosure when dividing the shower area or bath tub. A shower curtain will just separate your bathroom visually.

After all that effort you put into making your bathroom larger than life, you might even consider it to be sacred ground in your home. That means that maintaining its quality both in terms of design and functionality is now a priority. Cleaning it religiously as well as having a reliable plumbing and siphoning service to attend to it will ensure that your bathroom will remain up to par with your desires. Just because something is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be big. Why settle for less when there’s a means for you to do more? 

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