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Design Styles for Your Bathroom

A lot of us may not notice it, but the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. This is where you do a majority of your daily essentials such as bathing and brushing your teeth. Despite this fact however, when it comes to designing and decorating your home, not much thought is given to the bathroom space. It’s actually quite a shame considering this is also a room your house guests may find themselves in besides your living and dining room.

With these design styles, you can equip your bathroom with the finesse and comfort every other room in your home provides.


Traditional Bathroom Design

traditional bathroom

(Image source: Bathrooms Inc)

If your preference leans more towards the classics and far from the experimental, then traditional bathroom design is more for you. Some of the styles that would suit you could fall under the historical era such as the colonial era or early 20th century. Your fixtures, tiling and color schemes are all focused on showcasing period-authentic pieces.


Eclectic Bathroom Design

(Image source: Builders Surplus)

Eclectic design is a style more suited for those who like to keep things interesting through a more quirky and fun look. The idea is to combine different elements and fixtures that do not seem to connect with one another, but when taken as a whole actually mesh quite well. Color schemes do not necessarily have to complement each other. If anything, contrast is what you are trying to go for.


Rustic Bathroom Design

(Image source: Top Ten Building Plans)

If you prefer a more earthy and homey look, Rustic design was made for you. Also considered to be country, this design style makes use of distressed furniture and reclaimed wood for its finish. The use of natural elements in the form of potted plants and flowers adds to the charm of the look, as well as decorative patterns on your fixtures and tiles.


Romantic Bathroom Design

(Image source: Top Home Design)

If you live in the dream of the Victorian era and want your bathroom to exude femininity, then Romantic design is your go-to bathroom style. This approach is softer in its overall aesthetics, and gives your bathroom the whimsical appeal that of a fairytale. Light colors, intricate details and a vibrant ambiance is what this style is all about.


Modern/Contemporary Design

(Image source: Trastus)

Contemporary design of a bathroom is for those who enjoy structure and fine finishes. Its style is more about angular corners and smooth, flowing curves that exude a sleek and sophisticated look. Like with Eclectic design, it makes use of minimal contrasting designs and patterns to create a more modern look.


Do not confine yourself to the notion that your bathroom is easily the dirtiest space in your home. Clogging, plumbing and pipelines, who wants to deal with that right? But that’s not all your bathroom is cut out to be. Break the stereotype and make it a place you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra time in. In the process of doing so, let your personality shine through with the design style most suited for you.


Source: HGTV


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