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Biggest Plumbing Myths

You’ve already put the down payment on your own home and are already to move in. You’ve also caught up on a few lessons on effective home maintenance. You’ve also practiced working with a wrench and familiarized yourself with the different nuts, bolts, and screwdrivers.

Congrats! You’re now ready and equipped for any basic home maintenance! You might even save yourself a few bucks. Just make sure you aren’t falling for many of the common plumbing myths. These myths are basically useless and will definitely rack you up a huge bill. Here are some of the most common myths that you need to avoid:

1. Not worrying about a leaky faucet                 

It’s the most prevalent plumbing myth of all time. I mean, it’s just a small drip. How bad could it be? Quite big, apparently. Studies have gone on to show that a small leak and cost one household 10,000 wasted gallons of water per year. It can also rack up your water bill and damage your plumbing fixtures.

In the end, not only is that faucet leak wasteful and harmful for the environment, it could also end up costing you thousands in plumbing repairs.

2. Your toilet makes for a convenient garbage can

No. No it does not. Unless you want toilet water on your bathroom floor, never flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. And so-called “flushable wipes” are not to be flushed down the toilet either. They aren’t biodegradable like normal toilet paper and will clog your pipes. Think of it this way: Wipes will go down the toilet, but so will your socks.

Anything that isn’t toilet paper or poop, throw it in the garbage can.

3. Your pipes are fine as long as it’s going down the drain

Just because everything is going down the sink, doesn’t mean it’s fine. Clog builds up with debris like food and hair over time until it finally gets backed up at the worst possible moment. Always practice preventive maintenance using traps inside the drain to catch solids. Also, have your pipes checked at least once a year to make sure that there’s nothing clogging up on your pipes, and if there is, have it removed immediately.

4. Running water helps waste travel smoothly

We’ve all done this at least once. Many homeowners believe that you can just put anything down the drain as long as you keep the water running. False. There are a lot of things that simply don’t belong in your sink’s pipes, no matter how much water you let run. Hard or thick food items like eggshells or peanut butter can damage your plumbing which will also require an expensive repair or cleaning. Or better yet, refer to myths #2 & #3.

5. Plumbing requires little maintenance

This last one is the most dangerous and those who buy into this myth often regretting it later on and most often pay for it with big money. Believe it or not, there’s a lot that can block your pipes which includes the usual clogs and the less often tree roots. And make sure your plumbing fixtures are maintained regularly to avoid any serious drain clogs. If left unattended, you can expect a huge bill for expensive plumbing repair like a sewer line replacement or a pipe replacement coming your way.

Most homeowners think that out of sight is out of mind. Plumbing doesn’t work that way. Leave it to chance, and you’ll be seeing money go down the drain.


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